October 5, 2020

Mwana waShelly.

By Dzikamayi

‘Mwana waShelly’ when translated from Shona into English means ‘Shelly’s child.’ My ambuya (grandmother) for the most part called her grandchildren not by their names but by whose child they were. It was always ‘iwe mwana waSherri’, ‘uya kuno mwana waTarisai’ or ‘ndashaya zvekuita newe mwana waCharisi’.

Mwana waShelly is a tribute to both my mum Shelly and my late ambuya Benigina. My great grandparents named ambuya Belinda but the registrar of births misspelt her name and she was stuck with Benigina for life.

Both women have been a major influence in shaping who I am today. My musings on these pages will hopefully reflect their kindness, generosity, strength, resilience and love.